About Us

Who Are We

Big Data Ninjas!!!

While we could talk about our many good qualities, the most important thing is how passionate we are about data. As a small & dynamic  company we aim to solve data challenges in a Quick, Smart and Cost Efficient manner. 


We have over 20 years of experience in startups and media groups, covering the full cycle of data flow including:  gathering, optimizing, visualizing and analyzing your data.

It is our mission to present your data in a clear and actionable way that will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Why data?

To  a company that wants to succeed in today's climate, digital transformation in both the business aspects and the technological aspects is a must.  We believe that the decision making process must be data driven and that's what we do best

Who are you ?

Whether you are a well established company or a young startup, if you have a business related question that can be answered by data or you are facing a technological challenges,  we have the tools and the knowledge to help you

Why us ?

  1. We are a one stop shop, unifying all the methodologies in one place.

  2. We have an unusual experience if you are taking into consideration the range of clients, technologies and problems we solved over the years.

  3. We provide an end to end data solution which performs faster, costs cheaper and  simpler to maintain.

  4. We really love what we do.