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Big Data Demystified

AWS Big Data Demystified

BI and Analytics Demystified.

We created our meetups detailing all the challenges of Big Data, especially in a cloud environment.We use AWS, GCP, Azure and data center infrastructure to answer the technical questions of anyone navigating the big data world. In these meetups we’ll try to answer questions regarding best big data practices, data science, data engineering, BI, cost management, performance tips, security tips and best cloud practices. We’ll be presenting lecturers working for several cloud vendors, various technologies and frameworks, and startups working on data products.Basically, if it’s related to data, this is THE meetup.

Our top 5 meetups:

Nature writes the best algorithms | By Yigal Goldfine

BI Strategy from a bird's eye view | By Omri Halak

Machine Learning Essentials Part1 | By Lior King [Hebrew]

Machine Learning Essentials Part2 | By Lior King [Hebrew]

From Redshift to SnowFlake | Yaron Tomer [Hebrew]

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