Big Data Ninjas

While we could talk about our many good qualities, the most important thing is how passionate we are about data.

As a dynamic company, we aim to solve data challenges in a quick, smart and cost-efficient manner.

Our Services


Data Pipeline

You’ve got data; we’ve got knowledge and skills. We’ll design, implement, and maintain an end-to-end data pipeline using the best practices of data engineering, data science and BI on GCP, AWS or Azure.


Cost Reduction 

Whether you’re using AWS, GCP or Azure, we can reduce the cost of your existing data pipeline by eliminating unnecessary expenses, improving performance, and reducing the complexity of your data operations.

We have proven use cases where we dropped over 80% from the cost of the customers’ existing data pipelines.


BI Design & Implementation

We’ll design and implement the right Bi solution for your business needs using the most up-to-date BI tools (Tableau / Power BI / Google Data Studio / Looker / Sisense).


Behavioral Analytics

We’ll help you get deep insights on top of your data and answer complex questions about churn reasons, subscription motivations and more.


Vision Algorithms

Based on your data, we’ll write algorithms that will help you predict the future using machine learning and a variety of statistical techniques.



In combination with machine learning, we’ll create systems that learn to perform tasks on their own and get better through experience.



80% Cost Reduction on Google Cloud BigQuery | Tips and Tricks

How I saved 80% on BigQuery monthly billing on investing.com - Lecture at the Big Data Demystified meetup and slides.

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