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Streamlining Your Data Workflows

In today’s digital landscape, efficiency in data management and workflow automation is crucial.

Jutoflow integrates Airflow, MySQL, DBT core, Prometheus, and Grafana into a seamless Docker Compose setup. It is designed to elevate your data operations By offering a unified solution for workflow orchestration, database management, system monitoring, and data visualization.

Jutoflow ensures your team can concentrate on deriving insights and driving innovation.


Why Choose Jutoflow?

Comprehensive Data Solutions Unified System: Airflow and MySQL provide a robust framework for automating and managing your data workflows. Jutoflow brings these powerful tools together, simplifying your data processes. 


Proactive Monitoring Stay Ahead: With Prometheus, get real-time alerts and insights into your system’s health. Prevent issues before they impact your operations, ensuring reliability and performance. Dynamic Visualization 


Actionable Insights: Leverage Grafana for in-depth data analysis. Our customizable dashboards allow you to visualize complex data, helping you make informed decisions swiftly. 


Key Benefits Portability: Jutoflow is designed for flexibility, capable of being deployed on customer cloud environments or directly on desktops, ensuring you can operate in a way that best suits your needs. 


Scalability and Security: Engineered to grow with you and protect your data, Jutoflow is your partner in efficiently scaling operations while maintaining the utmost security standards. 


Cost-Effectiveness: For Jutomate customers, Jutoflow is offered free of charge, allowing you to leverage advanced data management tools without additional software costs. Note, underlying server costs will apply.


Additional Costs: Users are responsible for any costs associated with the underlying servers required to run Jutoflow.  


Recommended Server Specifications: To ensure optimal performance, we recommend the following server specs: CPU: 4 CPUs Memory: 16 GB RAM Storage: 200 GB OS: EC2 Linux OS or GCE Container-Optimized OS 


Support and Maintenance: For Jutomate customers Ongoing support and maintenance details will be provided, ensuring your setup remains efficient and up-to-date. Get Started with Jutoflow Transform your data operations with Jutoflow. 


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